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In a career rooted in watchdog reporting, Explorer editor James M. Odato has been cited as one of New York’s top journalists covering state government, gambling, and abuse and waste of public money. He has written thousands of articles, his byline has appeared in numerous national publications and his investigative stories have spurred reforms. As a staff reporter for five daily newspapers, including the Albany Times Union and Buffalo News, Odato has received more than 30 awards from the Associated Press, New York Publishers Association, the New York Legislative Correspondents Association and other media organizations. In 2007, Investigative Reporters and Editors recognized his reporting with the Freedom of Information Award Medal. In October 2021, the University of Massachusetts Press released his book, This Brain Had a Mouth, Lucy Gwin and the Voice of Disability Nation.

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  1. David Gibson says

    Thanks to Jim Odato and the Adirondack Explorer for exploring, probing, asking questions and shedding some light on a murky situation. This is what good journalism is all about.

  2. Rose Anne says

    I agree! Keep shining the light of investigative journalism on the situation at Paul Smith’s. Keeping a 4-year college in the Adirondacks is important.
    Can we learn the answers to questions like these?
    Is Fedcap a for-profit conglomerate?
    What are the personal and financial goals of the people mentioned in this article?
    What plans are they putting into place to keep the college alive?
    Thank you.

  3. Gina Feliciano, Phd says

    Does anyone see the irony in Malatras having a role at Paul Smtih’s? The actions of the school cited herein are similar to those in the system he is on leave from. Isn’t it alleged that he has a history of the same behavior?

  4. John Mcnulty says

    I really hate to see PSC sucked up by a group like this.
    I attended and graduated from several colleges and none could compare to the “Leaning Pine College’.
    Class of 68

  5. Need for more transparency says

    I thought the two following sentences in this article revealed the true colors of the situation and investigative journalism is so important.

    “Interim President Dan Kelting has pledged transparency to the campus community……..”


    “Kelting has declined to respond to inquiries from the Explorer ……….”

    Is that transparency???

  6. F Thomas Gehrig says

    My worries are what PSC is going to gain. Hard facts not promises. Fed Cap gains PSC credentials. What happens if they gain them and the campus withers away more. Much silence in Alumni Facebook groups.

  7. Joan Grabe says

    On one hand we have a struggling 4 yr. Liberal Arts College in a remote location ( as is Dartmouth) and on the other, a nebulous non profit conglomerate that wants to empower economically disadvantaged students through education.There is a disconnect or a connection I can’t see. A simple solution for Paul Smith’s is to attract more full tuition paying students which seems to be not possible. As a long time member of a college foundation I have some knowledge about college finances and fund raising and, believe me, we fund raise all the time. But on a larger scale which may be the problem here. Paul Smith’s may be too small, in the number of possible donor alumni and current or prospective students. Perhaps FedCap has a good plan but we will have to wait to see it. Meanwhile…………

  8. Mik says

    PSC ALUMNI in particular, let’s support
    , “Explorer editor James M. Odato has been cited as one of New York’s top journalists covering state government, gambling, and abuse and waste of public money.”

    He may be on to something. Good or bad he is our advocate. Good work James.

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