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  1. Boreas says

    Build it first, then wait months to see if anyone complains about noise. Seems like this could have been tested pretty easily PRIOR to building and permitting. But was it done?

  2. Bill Keller says

    “An upscale subdivision is in the process of being completed nearby”, the noise of commoners having fun just isn’t acceptable.

  3. Keith Snow says

    The entitled are unhappy because they can hear people having fun..
    I can’t wait to go zip lining and scream as loud as possible, as I descend. #thesnowflakesaremad

  4. Sarah says

    This is absurd and Adirondack nativist spirit as per usual. If you want peace and quiet, don’t buy a home on Cascade Road, a heavily trafficked road.

  5. Catherine says

    I lived on Coyote Way until last August never had a problem with the noise there. I heard noise from Cascade ski center down the road on there moonlight skiing and music didn’t bother me then. You Debbie Downers need to find away to compromise instead of trying to shut down a business. Remember Lake Placid is a tourist area and brings in lots of money. Make it work.

  6. Fingers Washburn says

    Selfish noisemakers cause nothing, but heartache. This zip-line company needs to be run out of business. In it’s place should be constructed a school for deaf children.

  7. NYSucks says

    One of the reasons I left the area after living there my whole life; was the overwhelming urge I had to take a dump on the front lawns of the imported prima donnas, just to get their attention. NY states biggest problem is the fact that the APA even exists. Infringment on property owners rights to develope, has been their M.O. since 1977… They were burned out once, and they should be disbanded even now… If you dont want to live next to a zip line; then pack your ass up and move. Otherwise mind your business and quit whining. Lake Placid is and always has been in the business of business, end of story. Dont want to be in a tourist area, yet again, pack your ass up and go…

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