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  1. Tim-Brunswick says

    This is a great article and as a trapper, often far away from immediate assistance, I noted one critical issue in the gear “picture”: Batteries are critical indeed if you’re lost, but “today” only LITHIUM batteries should be considered for cold weather as alkaline batteries rapidly lose their power in extreme cold even new off the shelf!

    Lithium batteries are expensive, however you won’t regret having them in an emergency as they are largely unaffected by cold weather…your life and safety is worth the extra $$.

    Thank you

  2. Boreas says

    Excellent article!

    My additions would be:

    A flat emergency whistle attached to a lanyard around your neck. If you find yourself in a spruce hole or badly injured, your pack may be inaccessible. I also carried my compass on the lanyard.

    Carrying an “ensolite” pad or two is very important in winter. You can use them to sit on while resting so you don’t get wet and cold while resting. They are also critical to have for injuries and emergencies. They can be used as insulating pads to lie on, windbreaks, can be used as a splint, and a 14″x14″ square can be used as a base for a stove in deep snow. I always carried 2 ensolite pads whether camping or not.

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