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  1. Boreas says

    Loss of data during a shift in energy sources is irretrievable. Particularly bad timing – especially if you are trying to make a case against fossil fuels.

  2. upstater says

    Plenty of money out there for the DOD and Ukraine, however. The environment and public health are not important to the elites.

    • Boreas says

      I would say not important to CONGRESS, which is immobilized by polarity and ideology. “Elites” obviously on both side of the aisle. We need both term limits AND to get money out of Congress.

  3. Nathan says

    Shameful actions, the massive forest fires out west, global changes and we cut back on monitering and basically stick our heads into the ground. The monitering is so critical to seeing what is going on with the air and precipitation. the pollutant levels and changes are the alarms to search for what is causing pollution and wether things are better or worse.

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