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  1. Boreas says

    I am glad the hiker made it out OK, although the bugs alone would leave many of us with PTSD!

    A swamp is one of the easiest places to become disoriented, and very scary because it is so energy taxing and nearly impossible just to proceed in a straight line. Easily overlooked when planning a route. Waterproof map and compass as well as backcountry skills cannot be overstated. Oh, and a quart of DEET…

  2. Ruth Gais says

    I too am very glad the hiker was found and is safe. I also endorse paper maps (waterproofed), compass and guide book, food, DEET and water… AND as a hiker in the Adks for 60 years, first a camper, then counselor, eventually a 46er (# 3160), I learned to NEVER hike alone, best in a group of three. Solitary communing with the mountains, water, sky, and trees etc. is wonderful, but dangerous.

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