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2 Responses

  1. d. swain says:

    snowmobiles should only be allowed on PRIVATE LAND, never on public land !! they are an environmental hazard to wild animals and to human beings; leave the wilderness alone !!

  2. Stephen Daly says:

    We are retirees from Vermont with plans to move to NY, within the Blue Line of the Adirondacks, soon after the sale of our house. We have been visiting the Adirondacks, in all seasons, for a number of years and have an affinity for the wonderfully spectacular wilderness areas, vis-à-vis, more trees than people and, certainly, machines. As a subscriber to Adirondack Explorer I am in full agreement with it’s position on the groomed snowmobile connector route between Raquette and Long Lakes.

    What part of the word “Wilderness” do some people not understand?

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