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  1. GPC says

    “Renting bear resistant canisters and coolers”??
    Do you mean it’s OPTIONAL? Hey, whose home is it anyway? Step up to the plate and compel humans to behave responsibiy toward our wildlife. Stop pussyfooting around and impose HEAVY fines on those feeding wildlife either purposely or unintentionally.

  2. Deb Evans says

    Would be interesting to know how many bears have been killled this year. We are in a drought. Animals haven’t been able to find the food they need in the woods, so they’re following their noses…and breaking in to cars and cabins.
    know there was a bear killed in raquette tonight.
    sad but faster than starving to death this winter,I guess..

  3. camper says

    To the NYS DEC…please follow the lead of our National Park campgrounds, such as at Jackson Lake and Yellowstone, Wyoming, and install metal bear bins at the campsites. It seems to work well out west in dealing with both Grizzly bears and Black bears. They are very easy for campers to use in keeping camp stoves and all cooking gear, food and personal items away from the bears. Everyone stays safe.

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