About Kevin MudRat MacKenzie

Kevin MacKenzie, aka MudRat, is an Adirondack writer and photographer, licensed to guide in NY state and is associate registrar at St. Lawrence University. He is an avid rock/ice/slide climber, winter forty-sixer, board member of the Adirondack Climbers Coalition, volunteer guide for the DEC high-angle rescue team, and member of Climbing for Christ. His passion for pioneering new backcountry technical ice and rock routes takes him to some of the most remote areas in the High Peaks. Detailed information may be found at www.adirondackmountaineering.com.

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  1. Bob Meyer says

    I don’t mean to be trivial here but you keep calling spruce & firs pines.
    Congratulations on those marvellous climbs!

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