About Cayte Bosler

Cayte Bosler is an investigative journalist covering the intersections of climate change, wildlife and community resilience in the Adirondack wilderness. Throughout her career, she has researched ecology and wildlife biology in protected areas in the Bolivian Amazon and in Cuba, trekked to an extreme altitude ecosystem in the Peruvian Andes, and boated through the mangrove-filled estuaries of Guatemala — all to chronicle solutions for conserving the natural world. She holds a master of science from Columbia University’s sustainability program and is a fellow of the Explorer’s Club.

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  1. adkresident says

    OH goodness, more Limousine Liberal crap. People who want to feel
    good about “doing something”. No one “needs” to live in the Adirondacks.

    These people can do much for the area to give their properties to the state
    after all buildings and docks are removed. Move to a city, live in a 500 sq ft
    apt, sell the car.

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