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  1. Brian S Passaglia says

    Awesome ruling!!! The nut job greenies have lost touch with reality!!!! No one disrespects the beauty of the Adirondacks. WE THE RESIDENTS respect our lands, but to stop snowmobiles is insane!!! I can’t wait to snowmobile the trail as soon as possible!!!!

  2. Peter Neff says

    Snowmobiling hurts absolutely nothing in the Adirondacks! If the Greenies had their way nobody would be allowed. Good for some good rulings for change!

  3. Ron Beagle says

    Finally glad to see that common sense was used over the radicals that tried to sue the State over this. Kudo’s to the Judge.

    • Boreas says


      That is how anti-environment lobbyists and many special interest groups operate. Identify an enemy and attempt to discredit them through playground rhetoric. A lot of that going around.

      • toofargone says

        To be honest, there’s a lot of that going on all around if you haven’t noticed Boreas. But putting that aside for a moment to consider the policy merits, access is a beautiful thing in the land of the free and home of the brave. We all deserve reasonable access to the great Adirondack Wilderness, incluing snowmobilers, and the highest court in the great State of New York just affirmed those rights. The Court of Appeals decision speaks for itself; no name-calling or rhetoric necessary. Just a much welcomed and well written majority decision that will do good for a lot of people and communities. Here’s the link to the decision for those interested: https://www.nycourts.gov/ctapps/Decisions/2019/Oct19/69opn19-Decision.pdf

  4. JB says

    This tree hugger thinks this is ok. The ADK needs to allow for all reasonable uses of this amazing place, and allowing snowmachines on trails that have been used as such in the past is fine with me. Hopefully everyone will respect the area and not trash it like many high-access areas (used by hikers and snow travelers) are trashed. Sledding adds income to a depressed area of the country, and I doubt the area will be spoiled by their passing through. Sure, the air is blue for a bit while the machines pass, and the noise lasts a few seconds, but the place is still the deep woods once they move on.

    The name calling is ridiculous, though, folks. Act like civilized humans.

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