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  1. Adkskibum says

    Mike, It’s a misconception that telemark turns require a “deep knee bend” It’s more accurate to say that they require a nominal kneed bend or a flexing of the knees.

  2. Dan says

    How far can I push a metal edged backcountry skis with nnnbc bindings? I see a ton of ski trails, would i be better off with plastic boots and 3pin bindings?

  3. Mike Lynch says

    Metal-edged skis with NNN backcountry (or 3-pin) bindings are good for intermediate ski trails with rolling terrain and some steep hills. I’m thinking of the Jackrabbit and Avalanche Pass trails. Once you start skiing mountains, I would suggest using telemark or alpine touring gear. With that said, your choice of equipment can be influenced by your own skill levels and comfort with specific types of gear. For instance, I’ve seen different skiers using all of the above mentioned equipment on the Avalanche Pass ski trail. Outfitters in the Adirondacks will let you demo gear for free before purchasing it. Take advantage of that and try some different styles out this winter.

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