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  1. Suzanne says

    According to the Ranger report, not only were these three not equipped with flashlights, one was wearing shorts and sneakers. There is snow on Skylight and Marcy well into June. A little preparation is advisable for any hike, and a lot of preparation for such an ambitious one. What were they thinking?

  2. Tim-Brunswick says


    I read about this incident this morning in my NYSDEC Bulletins and is just one more costly (to taxpayers…) situation that was needless if these three hikers from Rochester were better prepared. The one critical point that your story didn’t mention is one of them was attired in “shorts” and “tennis shoes” yet they were hiking into sub-alpine snow conditions!

    These idiots should have stayed at home, but instead they embark on a lark into the mountains ill-prepared and the end could have been far more tragic for them and their Families!

  3. Mark Van der Veer says

    It’s a shame we can’t station a ranger at every trailhead to to tell the foolhardy or unprepared to go home. We’d save money in the long run.

  4. Chuck Bruha says

    Thank you for posting these reports. As someone who has participated in many searches, I think these report highlight the need of hikers to be more personally responsible. I think DEC could encourage such behavior by fining unprepared and irresponsible individuals. I think a $500.00 fine, would nor discourage a call for help but also begin to have people take some responsibility for their actions.

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