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  1. Marina Teramond @ NMPL says

    Unfortunately, a lot of negative factors affect our nature and destroy it but I think we need to undertake certain measures to change this situation. I really like the fact that there is such a global stream restoration project that is absolutely needed in our world. I think that it will bring a grandiose benefit to nature and can contribute to completely change it. I think that it is not a problem that this project will last for several years because the main thing is a result that promises to be really favorable and impressive. It is so wonderful that our mother nature will be able to get an opportunity to function in a proper way. I absolutely agree with the statement of Tucker that you can predict flooding because it is real to take necessary actions to manage it to some extent. I believe in the success and prospect of this project, paying respect to the Ausable River Association.

    • Alyson says

      The worst thing you could do is widen the river or try to reconstruct it in anyone spot bc all ur doing is pushing problem further down stream…. Look no further than this and last year’s ice blockades in ausable and jay … Right where these to rivers happen to come together .The fact that a grant was used for a section of river that NO ONE IS even allowed to use bc of the landowner that DEC and ARA seems to back who also happens to own the hungry trout is extremely dubious. Not only did they come in a play god rerouting the river bed but they made it into a trout hatchery for the man who OWNS a restaurant whose product is trout . They also somehow went around DECs own laws stating no person can own a section of river but they go as far as allowing this man to claim ownership and keep residents and tourist out who pay for these grants and rights with their fishing licenses every year . Then goes as far to own a restaurant and sell the product out of the river and claim it’s for the good of everyone around you . It’s a disgrace and not only that but by doing what they did they pushed the problem further down stream in a more populated town away from this person’s “trout mining” area for lack of a better word and caused a worsening of ice build up. Causing multiple people’s homes to flood every year . But hey as long as someone’s pockets are being lined “it’s for the good of the people and nature”. Hence the ice block flooding that has happened since this little undertaking. But no it can’t be worsened from what they did …

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