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  1. Ed M says

    I got to assist banding ruby throateds on mainland Belize during their winter season. What an experience! We frequently netted birds that had been already banded, at the very same site. Ty, to Ted Hicks for the work he’s doing here in the Adirondacks.

    To Mike Lynch: Correction in article needed. Make that 50 wingbeats per SECOND! Almost incomprehensible, isn’t it?

  2. Debbie says

    I wait every spring for my Ruby-throated to return to my porch.This spring they were here on May 8th. I only have 2 & I’m pretty sure their the same from yrs earlier.A male & female. They come thru all day long. They definitely make my day a bit brighter

  3. Noel says

    Have been feeding a few ruby thoaters for several years in our northeast Ohio suburban yard. This spring we updated our perennials a bunch and finally fenced a lot of the yard in to keep the deer from eating the plants. As expected the plants are thriving like crazy!
    The Hummers are still around but they seem to be feeding less on our feeder due to the abundance of food from the flowers.
    This pleases us immensely and hope to attract more birds in future years

  4. Lisa says

    Hello I’ve just read your article about banding hummingbirds I wanted to say I’ve been feeding hummingbirds here in Md Harford county to be exact for 30 years and I am very concerned because this year they did not come back I’ve never seen this before in 30 years! Is something happening to the hummingbirds I’ve asked others on social media in my area they report the same thing that feeders sit unvisited. Could you please share some insight if you can as to what is happening with them please.
    Thank you!

  5. Heather Taylor says

    I think hummingbird banding is cruel and serves absolutely no purpose, except to make scientists and rookies puff themselves up! In 60 years of my experience I’ve never seen a Hummingbird with a band! I can’t stand the thought of it!

    • Diane Baucke says

      Heather Taylor I agree with you 100%. Absolutely cruel to trap, band, and weigh, these extremely delicate creatures all for what. Leave them be for God’s sake. To put them through all that is horrible.

  6. Jack says

    Really?? I’ve been feeding and watching them for years and now I have to refill a quarter of nectar daily. I have never seen one that was banded,and I hope i never will. Isn’t it pointless? After all you can’t see it with the landing gear retracted in flight, or perched on a limb.I’m all about the science but can’t you just leave these wonderful creatures alone !

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