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  1. Alyson Mullarney says

    BS on the tax base. Don’t let this happen. I grew up in Charlton, NY. It’s disgusting what has happened in Saratoga County. Quick buck for someone who doesn’t give a link! Don’t sacrifice the quality of life!

  2. Bob Glennon says

    Typo or error in Gwendolyn Craig’s article: the APA Act allows 75 principal buildings per square mile in Rural Use areas, not 15, for an average lot size of 8.5 acres each. Fifteen is the intensity limit in Resource Management areas.

    Otherwise, excellent article. Thanks.

  3. Donna Williams says

    I understand the reason for the apa, but am confused as to why some are given the fact k to destroy Mother Earth and build and another is not. I also believe that if so not protect Mother Earth that the other living nag things on our beautiful planet will not go on. Humans will kill off all other living things by destroying their habitat And then when bears, Bobcats, mountain lions and so on come into your neighborhood looking for food beacause we have destroyed their food supply, well shame on us humans. I do agree however that if a people of land is already cleared due to previous farming, and nothing needs to be destroyed to build , than the landowner should have the right to build. Oh I know that everything is about money, but you know what, my pockets aren’t getting any bigger with the green. Guess you could say I am a lover for our beautiful planet and all of gods creatures.

  4. Donna Huy says

    Has this happened? Just came across this article. Keep the APA restricted, that’s part of what makes it so special. I am a tax payer in Luzerne and do not want to see it turn into the rest of NY and NJ…

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