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Tom French splits his time between the Adirondacks and the Thousand Islands from his home in Potsdam. More information about his writing can be found at Tom-French.net.

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  1. William says


    Great story, thank you. Never climbed it in the winter but 100’s of times in the spring summer and fall. From the top, you were looking right down at my camp!

    • Tom French says

      Hello William — Thanks for reading the article and commenting. I’m glad you liked the piece. No doubt, I’ve looked down on your camp and wondered about it many times.

  2. Rob Bick says

    One of my favorite quick hikes from my base camp at Lake Ozonia. For the time spent to climb…a fantastic reward at the top.

    • Tom French says

      Hello Rob — Thanks for reading the article and commenting. My daughter does the same thing — just spontaneously heads off to Azure when she wants to get away from it all for some quiet alone time while admiring our wondrous world.

  3. David Froehlich says

    I lived in St Lawrence for several years and Azure was always my go to, especially to bring friends that were visiting. It’s so accessible and the views are excellent for the amount of effort. Winter was always my favorite time to climb. Great article and a good reminder to make some time and get back up there!

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