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Tim Rowland is a columnist, author and outdoors writer living in Jay.

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  1. Denise Dramm says

    I feel the land trust should not develop this property at all. No parking lots, no trails. Let the wildlife enjoy this sanctuary. I agree to keep trees cut in the meadow. Everything else leave as is. The public has enough land and trails to enjoy in the park.

  2. Loring Page says

    Sorry but I’ve watched the Adirondacks go from adirondackers owner ship to city dwellers and the corrupted class down thru the years. Ask an actual Adirondacker that wants to live there on a full time bases what should happen to properties like that. Oh that’s right, you’ve chased most of the out from living there any more.

  3. Jesse Linton says

    I’d like to hear more from “approved writers” such as Tim Rowland. More passion on what they believe. Is it possible to be a writer who speaks their own truth?
    I’m disappointed by the lack of pressure from these concerned “environmental groups”. Protests? No. Especially not in lake placid. How about we drive from Albany to Lake Placid as slowly as the legal limits allows every weekend until our arguments are heard? Haven’t seen that since the 80’s. We lack the passion and are complacent.
    Adirondacks have always been a retreat for the rich. The fact that lake placid has people driving from Malone is a testament to the terrible truth of being a full time year round resident. You live here long enough … it starts to look like it. Rough, weathered and poor.
    At 45 yrs old, I know far too many degree holding men & women who have been looked over their whole lives. No good jobs (or jobs NOT available if you live here) no prospect of housing or advancement. Unless there is massive rethinking of strategy…this all gets worse.
    Amazing how any organization that claims to speak on behalf of year round residents won’t take a strong action. Too much talk & no action.
    Words aren’t going to make this problem go away. When these Adirondack groups are willing to put their comfort aside & stop writing around the problem.
    Being forced into hard labor/ or 3 spread out “gigs” while those on vacation look down their noses … it becomes clear that you are a servant. A servant is what all residents have become. Forever wild needs a redefinition. The Adirondacks are not wild. It’s a model. It’s the ONLY model that integrates people & state lands.
    Now it needs a voice that can organize a real movement for the 21st century. Just go to Newcomb & ask how much words have helped them and their families.

    • Marilyn Jones says

      Sadly, this is happening all over the country. I have been on a traveling health care worker on assignment in Massachusetts because the upstate NY pays so LITTLE and works you so hard. But the (once) fishing villages on Cape Cod have been priced out of sight even worse than the ‘dacks to the point where a fisherman can no longer afford to live by the sea. It’s sickening, and I don’t know where these people come up with all this money but they are buying up every last bit of decent land in this country. Look at all the ski areas of west, too. Gone to the wealthy and the underclass that serve them, who are willing to live 20 to a house because it takes that many low-paid workers to afford it. There is no more middle class, we are being crushed from above and everything we had is being taken as we are priced out of existence. And yes, upstate is really bad because Albany politicians only care about their wealthy NYC constituency. Working class upstaters are totally abused by their own state, and there are no decent jobs because they are all concentrated downstate.

  4. Michael Richards says

    Whats wrong with keeping the fields fields? Someone worked there ass off to make them. Lets keep them that way. The wildlife and everyone can injoy the views.

  5. Keith R Gorgas says

    Saranac Lake and its surrounding area has a long agricultural history, which is disappearing. The need for locally grown produce and grain becomes more and more apparent. I believe the best all around use for this land is a cultivated farm land or hayfields.

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