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  1. Scott Favro says

    You start your study a year prior the the APA starting to implement their restrictions.
    Not real subjective.
    This I believe is what the president would refer to as fake news.

  2. Paul says

    Whiteface Mt. (the economic driver) is on land with the least restrictions. The most visited part of the Adirondacks is not the High Peaks Wilderness as is often falsely reported. It is Whiteface Mt, and I would like to see numbers for places like Lake George and the Saranac Lakes WF? At best you can find correlations here never causation.

  3. Judson Witham says

    The Reality of Albany’s Socialism and the so called Adirondack Park has been extremely detrimental to the North Country. With the advent of the York Road AKA The North Way ….. Albany has created a vast mess of Air Pollution, Drugs and Decadent Social Norms Up State.

    The imposition of Planning and Zoning Creating a Vast Extraction Zone for the Paper Mills and what is a Communistic Green New Deal or a NWO Agenda 2050 Zone for ultra Left Wing Treee Huggers and SUNY ADDICTS has taken away from the Adirondacks to truly become what it should be. The Draconian Levels of Government and the States DEC Police State has done little except to impose TYRANNY and BIG BROTHER throughout the Adirondacks. In place of Free Economics Principles the Adirondacks have become a Collective Socialism of Greed for the FABIaN SOCIALIST and and Philosephers Camp Cartel. We have had the Save the Adirondacks Tax and Spend Liberalism shoved down Our Throats while HOA Rules and POA Regulations crammed up Our Butts by Environmental Nazism. If the truth be known THE GREENS and FABIANS have forever gone Wild on Grants Subsidies and more and more Taxes for Their Goofy Plans and Ideas. I suggest FREEDOM has been replaced with an Environmentalist Cult and Religion that has done little except Raise Taxes and Vast Air Pollution from the ECOTOURISTS that endlessly drive up and down the State with RVs and SUVs. The true Free and Wonderful Adirondacks has been lost to Social Planners and Tax Collectors and controlled by the EMPIRE’S Brainwashing Mills of SUNY.

    The True Wildness LOST to City Dwellers that have invaded the North Country with Glossy Magazines and Tour Buses is all just a Twisted and Sick Lie.

    Judson Witham

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