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Gwen covers environmental policy in the Adirondacks. Contact her at (518) 524-2902 or [email protected] You can also follow her on Twitter, @gwendolynnn1.

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  1. nathan says

    jobs are so precious in the adirondacks as it is, to refuse local residents jobs because they are not a minority, but rather spend huge amounts of money to import people to fill those jobs is really just horrible. reverse racism at its best, just post job and fill with people who apply and and meet reuirements. so many People in the adirondacks have a hard time finding decent jobs at city,county and state pays and benefits. So a opening opens in saranac lake and locals apply, but cannot get state police posting becaase they are white??? no one of color applies, so lets spend money to go find someone from else where and give them the JOB??????

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