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  1. Boreas says

    I am glad Nicole Hylton-Patterson is not leaving the area or her post. Obviously, she is needed – but she needs support of the entire community to actually feel safe.

  2. Vanessa says

    Nice write up, thanks Gwen. This whole situation is disappointing as hell, and very disturbing. But let me take the opportunity to express deep solidarity with Dr Hylton-Patterson, and also with other local folks who understand what’s at stake here. Fighting systemic racism is fighting for the future of this nation, anywhere in the country but especially in beautiful natural places like the ADK.

    Unrelated side note: enter the comments section of the Almanack article at your own risk.

  3. Martha Danziger says

    why not show what was written on bridge?
    all slurs are disturbing but i have never seen any in the Adirondacks.

    where i live in NYC both ANTIFA and BLM yell and write vile anti police/anti white slurs and threats all the time.
    no one – least of all the governor – condemns it.

    i would like to know who is beneficiary of this new Diversity group cause the original poor mostly white mountain people and native Americans were the only people i ever saw needing help.

    where is the new director from originally?

    is there any chance that the graffiti was a hoax? it has been known to happen.

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