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  1. Todd Eastman says

    Maybe the state and the towns would prefer to subsidize the drilling of hundreds of deeper wells to make right the polluting of private and municipal wells by decades of road salting. The destruction of habitat and vehicles has been well known for years…

    … follow the money!

  2. Louis sowich says

    Stop and think about all the business that also contribute to that pollution of lakes and streams. They clean there sidewalks and driveways ,parking lots etc. They salt them not once not twice but many times a day I’m sure for liability purposes. A number 10 can filled with salt , calcium or other de- iceing product can weigh between 10-20 pounds. I bet of you did the math they are also contributing a great deal of run- off as well. Can’t blame everything on the state. Activists never see the big picture they look with blinders. Critical thinkers look at the far and wide.

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