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  1. louis curth says

    It was fun to read the book report by Dick Beamish on ‘A Wild Idea’, and it brought back many of my own memories of those times and of people who cared deeply about the future of the Adirondacks.

    Those of us who formed the Upper Hudson Environmental Action Committee (UHEAC) in North Creek after the first Earth Day in 1970, decided to continue our grassroots activism thanks to encouragement from leaders including Dick Beamish, Gary Randorf, Paul Schaefer, Marilyn Dubois, Almy Coggeshull and many, many others.

    With his rich first hand knowledge, few people are better qualified than Dick to recall those turbulent times for the Explorer. Thanks.

  2. Ed Zahniser says

    Hi Lou

    Good to be reminded of you by your comment on “A Wild Idea” book. Haven’t seen you in several years. Well, I’m mostly in the Adks just one week a year now — large family gathering on Edwards Hill Road. Too many for our old cabin, but fortunately there are now rentals on the road, downhill of the cabin. Best regards, Ed Zahniser

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