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  1. Steve B. says

    The DEC took a proactive stance to send out e-mails to folks registered to camp at Forked Lake this summer, just south of LL, to be aware of an increase in bear activity. In 6 years of coming here, had never seen that. The facility has bear boxes, so I assume it was just a carry over of bears coming down from LL.

  2. Boreas says

    A never-ending story. Nature always pays the price for human encroachment into wild areas.

    8 billion and counting… When will population growth get comparable attention to climate change? It is the 400 pound gorilla in the room gaining strength daily from political correctness.

    • joe quellman says

      not if natural selection prevails-
      [[One third of Pakistan is underwater. Think about that for a minute. One third of the entire country. It’s catastrophic, with floods having killed at least 1,136 people since June.]]

      • Boreas says


        Indeed. As the surviving world human population necessarily moves upslope over the next centuries, our natural areas will certainly come under additional pressures. Not a good outlook for anything.

  3. Jack Carney says

    There are certain key correlations here: climate change, which is reducing the bears’ woodland food supply and will continue to do so; the many new owners of residential property in the Adks. consequent to Covid who might – just a supposition — be less familar with bears and more readily alarmed; and, lastly, DEC’s increased readiness to apprrove killing intrusive animals.
    A safer response for bears and humans must be found, starting with regular start-of-summer presentations in Adk towns and campgrounds of the DEC’s bear-human encounters training video followed by discussion with a Ranger or person experienced with the woods and its creatures. In sum, education as a first step in lieu of killing more bears and risking human safety.

  4. BAREN says

    Bait traps, and RELOCATE THE PEOPLE LIVING IN THE ADIRONDACKS to areas outside of the park. Then, BRING THE SWISS to live in the Adirondacks because they are SELF-DISCIPLINED and FOOD HYGIENIC to the point that they will perfectly organise their food scraps to avoid creating a bear nuisance for themselves. AND, if the Swiss to were to make a mistake with their garbage, they would take full responsibility for the consequences and accept the bears making a nuisance instead of blaming them for their own faults, and making them suffer an undeserved fate of trapping, relocation, or worse.

  5. ASTEROID says

    POPULATION GROWTH WILL END WHEN AN ASTEROID HITS EARTH, selectively eliminating the human species which is physically weak, while allowing biodiversity to survive.

  6. Katie says

    Long Lakers are fastidious about trash. Visit any time from October through May and you won’t see a single gum wrapper on the sidewalks or streets. The dump is pristine- trash is compacted immediately and the recycling dumpsters are padlocked at night. All this is to say, this is not the fault of year rounders. Tourists need to pay attention to the signage in every motel, hotel, and airbnb- and yes, the town logo too.

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