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  1. Susan Gaffney says

    Not only is Leigh Hornbeck an experienced boater, by birth and by inclination, she is also a good writer. I can imagine — and I remember! — those waves on Middle Saranac Lake.

  2. Alan Jones says

    Leigh, you are to be congratulated!!! What you did in three days, my wife and I took 37 years — a piece at a time. The first stretch we did was in 1959 — Old Forge to Blue Mountain Lake. The last stretch, Middle Saranac to Lake Flower, was in 1996.

    As Susan says, you are both an experienced boater and a good writer.

    Thank you for writing about your experience.

    In the photo, is that your husband behind you carrying another Hornbeck?


  3. Scott Ireland says

    Fantastic article Leigh…

    I can tell you, from my time this year selling raffle tickets for the Hornbeck the Schroon Lake Association raffles each year — nearly everyone I met had a story to tell about their interaction with your father, and every story told was told with the same emotion you mention on the Bartlett carry.

    And I’m sure Josh was cheering as loudly as the boys!

  4. Ann Hornbeck says

    Leigh, love what you have written about your 90 miler and your love thoughts of your Dad . Such excellent writing. Love Mom

  5. Joseph Geronimo says

    Wonderful article Leigh and an amazing accomplishment. As a marathon runner myself I can attest to the mental determination!

    Furthermore your father was truly a gentleman and I will always hold dear the times I got just chatting with him.

    Joe Geronimo

  6. Mary says

    I really enjoyed reading your well-written article. Congratulations to you for completing the 90 Miler! That’s awesome!! In my mind, I can “see and hear” your father chatting about you in the shop…just as you said.

  7. James says

    My grandmother, Katie Robinson, bought one of your father’s 10-footers (red) in the early ’80s. She added a 12-footer (yellow) a few years later. A poster he signed for her hung on the wall of her Lake Pleasant home, and her grandchildren grew up hearing stories about the man who invented the ADK lost-pond canoe. He was one of her heroes (and ours). My wife and I purchased our own Hornbeck in 2017 (green). We didn’t get to meet Peter Hornbeck in person, but I asked one of the guys at the shop to tell him “Katie says hi.” My grandmother passed away earlier this year. I miss her. I imagine she’s with me every time I paddle our Hornbeck. Congratulations on completing the 90-Miler in your dad’s boat, and thank you for sharing your story (and your dad) with us.

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