Skiers prepare for winter

Tony Goodwin, left, and Frank Krueger team up on the crosscut saw. Photo by Phil Brown.
Tony Goodwin, left, and Frank Krueger team up on the crosscut saw.

Six of us turned out Saturday to trim and clear the Wright Peak Ski Trail. We started where last year’s crew left off and worked our way up almost to the ridgeline. Thus, nearly all of the steep part of the trail should be in good shape this winter.

We also cut out sections of two large trees that had fallen across the trail that leads from the Old Marcy Dam Trail to the Algonquin hiking trail (see photo above). This shortcut is used by skiers going to and from Wright Peak.

Although the Wright Peak Ski Trail is closed to hikers, some use it illegally. This is evident from the small herd path developing down the middle. Overall, the trail remains in great shape–it’s covered with moss and grasses–but if hikers use it as an alternative route to the summit, it will erode. You don’t want it looking like the Algonquin trail. So please stay off it.

Most people don’t realize that the lower part of the Algonquin trail was once part of the Wright Peak Ski Trail. It’s now terribly eroded, with boulders exposed everywhere. Unfortunately, skiers have to navigate this mess and dodge snowshoers after exiting the ski trail.

Tony Goodwin, executive director of the Adirondack Ski Touring Council, has suggested a solution: turn the old Algonquin hiking trail (which parallels the existing trail) into a ski trail. Volunteers would do the work to open the route. This seems like a reasonable, inexpensive proposal, but the state Department of Environmental Conservation rejected it. I hope they’ll reconsider.

Anyway, thanks to Tony for organizing Saturday’s project and to those who showed up. Besides Tony, they were Frank Krueger, Ron Konowitz, Matt Foley, and Bill Dodd, all diehard backcountry skiers.

The Adirondack Ski Touring Council has scheduled two other work projects this fall–on Oct. 31, on the Connery Pond Trail, and Nov. 7, on the Old Mountain Road. On the latter date, volunteers will repair a bridge.

If you’d like to help out, call Tony at 518-523-1365 or send an e-mail to

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