For Ron Kon, it was a good winter

Now we know spring is here: Ron Konowitz has stopped skiing.

Most skiers probably think last winter was a lousy one, but not for Ron Kon. He skied 161 days, all in the Adirondacks. That’s every day for more than five months.

ron konowitz skis mount marcy
Ron Konowitz ascends Mount Marcy on skis. Photo by Phil Brown.

“I had a good year,” Konowitz said today. “I definitely didn’t get into the backcountry as much as usual.”

Konowitz did a lot of his skiing at the state-run downhill center on Whiteface Mountain. “The snowmakers did an amazing job,” he said.

After Whiteface closed for the season, Konowitz would hike up the mountain and ski down the remaining snow. He made a final ski trip down Whiteface just last week.

He last skied Mount Marcy, the state’s highest summit, in early April.

A retired schoolteacher who lives in Keene, Konowitz is the only person who has skied all forty-six of the High Peaks. Or at least the only one to admit it.


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