Fire tower’s outlook improves

View of the High Peaks from Mount Adams. Copyright photo by Carl Heilman II.
View of the High Peaks from Mount Adams. Copyright photo by Carl Heilman II.

The fire tower on Mount Adams offers one of the most breathtaking vistas in the Adirondacks, as can be seen in the above photo by Carl Heilman II. It shows the view to the northeast, including Algonquin, Colden, Marcy, and many other High Peaks.

Unfortunately, the tower has been closed to the public since a wind storm blew off the cab’s roof a few years ago. With some luck and hard work, though, the tower may soon be reopened.

The AdirondackHighpeaks Foundation has raised $5,000 to rehabilitate the tower. Besides replacing the roof, the nonprofit organization plans to install new steps and safety fencing. This summer, volunteers toted more than three hundred pounds of lumber to the Adams summit.

Scott Ireland, one of the foundation’s directors, said he hopes the work can be done this fall.

Much of the money for the project came from a raffle for a cedar-strip canoe made by Mike Tomaszewski, a frequent poster on ADKforum, a website affiliated with the foundation.

Tomaszewski spent three months and countless hours building the canoe in his garage in Schenectady and chronicled his progress on ADKforum. His posts and photographs amounted to an online tutorial on boat building. Click here to view his posts.

At the time, the forum’s members didn’t know that Tomaszewski intended to donate the canoe to the foundation.

“You could see the love and time and pride he put into it,” Ireland said, “and then to give it away was just amazing.”

The raffle earned the ADKHighpeaks Foundation $2,000.

Mike Nolan, a New Jersey resident, won the canoe. For its maiden voyage, he took the boat to Stillwater Reservoir, where he christened it Bertha. Of course, you can read all about it on ADKforum. Just click here.

Mike Nolan with the cedar-strip canoe he won in a raffle.
Mike Nolan with the cedar-strip canoe he won in a raffle.

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  1. William Redhawk says

    I think its a wonderful thing that people to whom the outdoors is near and dear can take the time and effort to give back in one way or another. It is organizations like the adkhighpeaks foundation qho do without any agenda or personal gain, or recognition, that truly represents giving unselfishly.

    Rather then complain about but the government or others Aren’t doing, they set an example by taking the reins themselves and getting the jobs done.


  2. Bob says

    But firetowers aren’t “wild” and don’t belong. I can think of a billion other projects in the ADKs that could have used that money.

  3. Scott Ireland says

    Bob – saw your note about Firetowers, and don’t want to debate it (since there is already enough debate this year re: Hurricane firetower), but am curious as to what other projects you would consider. The Foundation is currently exploring projects to fund, and we would appreciate any and all input. Send me an email at if you have specific ideas.

    For the record, this is the third project we have funded…in our first year, we helped fund the Keene Valley Search & Rescue team’s equipment requirements (the state increased the amount of gear they needed to have, but offered no funds), we also funded the easement to the Jackrabbit Ski Trail, to re-route it and maintain it for public use. For more info on the projects, see

    And by all means, contact me if you have other ideas…



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