Why pick on hunting?

Joe Hackett did a superb job of defending hunting in “It’s Debatable” [September/October]. I would only re-emphasize the millions of dollars hunters inject into wildlife programs via taxes they pay on their equipment.
I consider it disturbing that the Adirondack Explorer even decided to have a debate on this subject. Hunting has been a part of Adirondack tradition dating back to the Native Americans. The primary recreation in the Adirondacks was hunting long before anyone heard of rock climbing, kayaking, or cross-country skiing. Hunting camps are an integral part of Adirondack society.

Maybe future topics of “It’s Debatable” should be: “Rock climbing, does it damage cliff faces? Should it be banned?” Or maybe: “Forest Preserve: Are we catering to an elite few? Should it be open to more people and other uses?”
George Fowler, South Hero, VT

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