Whiteface Loop tale was a delight

I really liked the Whiteface bike loop piece [July/August]. We have been on parts of the Whiteface loop but would not attempt the Whiteface shoulder climb or the traffic on Route 86 between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake. We have been on the Bloomingdale-to-Union Falls section (terrific) and also the Riverside Drive section that writer Susan Bibeau referred to but did not ride for this article (the latter is also fantastic for the recreational rider). Out of Paul Smiths there are several other very nice rides: to Rainbow Lake, then to Buck Pond, and also Keese Mill Road, which was just repaved and is scenic with no traffic.

And, in regard to the possible conversion of the Adirondack rail line to a recreationway, we travel with road bikes, so a cinder path would not be doable unless we rented hybrid bikes. Most mountain bikers will see it as not challenging, so that leaves you with just people who travel with hybrids or want to rent bikes. If it were paved, then we would extend our vacation just to ride it. People making this decision should check out www.railstotrails.org if they have not already. The Silver Comet Trail from Atlanta to Alabama is the poster child for how to do this right. If the Adirondack route cannot be paved, we would rather see the train service extended to Tupper Lake and on to Old Forge.

Tim Quigley, Dahlonega, GA

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