Time to calm the turmoil over ACR

Many years ago, state Senator Ron Stafford was asked what his position was on an Environmental Conservation measure. He replied, “Some of my friends are in favor, and some are opposed. I’m for my friends.”

Some of my friends are for the Adirondack Club and Resort project in Tupper Lake, and some are opposed. I’m for my friends.

The project is what it is. We can’t know how it and its environmental and economic impacts will turn out. I suggest my friends, and non-friends too, settle down and hope for some answers to long-held questions. Such as, what kind, size, and character of development is appropriate and healthy for the unique Adirondack Park? I hope some answers are forthcoming. We will need to be patient and keep an open mind.

The Adirondack Park has long been an experiment and stage for strongly held predictions and positions. Over time the Park has been quite successful in balancing Forever Wild alongside human manipulation and development. I am hopeful the Adirondack Park will continue to be a model for the world.

Gary Randorf, Pittsboro, NC

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