Pronunciation an exact science

In your review of the Colvin film, you are absolutely wrong about the pronunciation of Colvin’s name. Phil Terrie is correct in calling Colvin’s name as CALLvin.

I grew up in a North Country farming community where a prominent family named Colvin existed in the early I900s; it was pronounced with a short “o.” When I began hearing people I met on the High Peaks trails using a long “o” for Colvin’s name, to me there was something amiss about this.

I think that using Colvin’s name with a long “o” is a travesty for a person of his historical stature. I hope that Mr. Killon did not use the long “o” for Colvin’s name in his DVD! If he does, it is a historical disservice to Colvin and he should be ashamed to perpetuate this travesty. His DVD should be an opportunity to set the historical record straight for those who call him “Coal-vin.”

Lyle Raymone, Groton

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