Pitch in against phosphorus

As the director of education for the Lake George Association, I am writing in response to your editorial “Protect Park’s Precious Water” [September/October].
The Lake George Association can share with your readers extensive research and resources regarding water protection, phosphorus fertilizers, and the new laws in the town and village of Lake George.

Earlier this year, we designed and presented a training course for municipalities around Lake George. This course was instrumental in explaining the dangers of phosphorus to town officials and convincing them to take action. This training program may prove helpful to other municipalities in the Adirondacks considering a phosphorus fertilizer ban, and we are happy to share it, as well as the wealth of other educational information we have available.
For several years we have produced an updated list of stores selling phosphorus-free fertilizers in our area. Ken Wagner, the keynote speaker at our 125th annual meeting in August, reiterated how important it is to hammer home the phosphorus-free message and echoed your editorial in stating that this is one easy and painless way individual action can make a difference. A copy of his presentation is available from our website.
Through our Floating Classroom and other educational programs, the LGA is working to change the social behaviors that lead to problems in the lake. At the same time, our lake-saving storm-water projects (of which the West Brook project is just one of many, albeit our most important) aim to improve water quality and reduce pollution.

We invite your readers to contact the LGA with any questions they have about water protection. We can be reached at 518-668-3558 or via e-mail at info@lakegeorgeassociation.org.

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