Open Adirondack waterways

I am watching the Shingle Shanty Brook/private lands issue with great interest. I paddled that route about ten years ago and remember it well.

What may be more interesting to you is that here in Florida, where I live, we also had a struggle to keep a public paddling route open. It took about ten years; I wasn’t actually involved at the time, but I have been since involved in keeping the agreement and navigation rights going. We had help from Earthjustice. It was a negotiated settlement that left the creek open to the public but with some restrictions. I believe that all the waterways in the Adirondacks should be open to paddling.

My understanding is that your effort has gone back to the lower courts for more definitive information on navigability. Thank you for your efforts on Mud Lake and Shingle Shanty Brook.

Erica Lynne, Venus, Florida

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