Mountain memories to treasure

Almost every page of the July/August issue brought back beautiful memories of my homeland.
Newcomb caught my eye in the “Ghost cats of the Adirondacks” as this is my hometown. I do believe a few cougars are out there as the habitat is perfect in so many remote areas.
Having seen as well as heard them in Florida I know how beautiful they are.

The account of the Cold River excursion reminded me of a visit with Noah Rondeau. And the article on whether the state will go forward with acquiring former Finch, Pruyn land brought me back to the years when my father worked for the paper company. My parents’ home was where the Hudson River first crosses the state road in Newcomb. So many mountains to climb!

I can’t forget the animals, not only to watch but to hunt. These are the days to treasure now in later life.

Edith Willette, North Tonawanda

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