Make Glens Falls a true gateway

In the January/February issue of the Adirondack Explorer I was surprised and pleased to see an advertisement urging people to “Warm up in Downtown Glens Falls.” My wife and I have done exactly this since moving north of the city into the Adirondacks forty years ago. Early on, Glens Falls became our “go-to” place for shopping, entertainment, medical services, and a host of other activities. It remains so today because Glens Falls is a true gem.

This being said, I’ve always wondered why Glens Falls and its business community in particular don’t take advantage of the city’s proximity to the Adirondacks. Glens Falls is only minutes away from the greatest park in the eastern United States. But drive around town, and you’ll have to look hard to find any indication of this.

With a few exceptions, notably the owners of Davidson Brothers Brewery and Fountain Square Outfitters, Glens Falls business people are either unaware of or choose to ignore the presence of the Adirondacks and the economic possibilities that it has to offer.

Take for example the world-class diner that was recently constructed at Exit 19 of the Northway within the very shadow of the mountains. Both inside and outside of this very attractive business there is no suggestion that the Adirondack Park exists. This, in my mind, is an enormous business opportunity that is not being taken advantage of.

The State of New York could help matters by, among other things, finally building a visitors center where it would do some good, along the Northway at Glens Falls. This would go far to establish Glens Falls as a true gateway city and encourage business activity throughout the entire area.

Peter Hornbeck, Minerva

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