Look to NYC for great rail trail

I am writing to the Explorer again, as I have done a few times already, in support of the rail-trail corridor, only this time with another viewpoint that I’m surprised has not been mentioned previously.

In the heart of New York City the existing unused elevated train rails, instead of being demolished, have been converted into an elevated walkway called the Highline. It is currently a mile long with further expansion under development.

What a popular walkway this has been. On a nice day it is actually crowded with people.

My point is that forward-thinking people have taken an abandoned railway and made it into a wonderful, hugely popular public attraction—just like the Old Forge-to-Tupper Lake rail trail will be when implemented by the state if they decide in favor of this.

Build it and the people will come!

Jerry Gingalewski, Syracuse

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  1. Gino DiCarlo says

    What a foolish letter. There is nothing to do but walk in NYC. Usually to get to point A, to point B. Not for recreation, but for transit. The urban jungle and what people do in their work lives is totally different than what could be accomplished in the Adirondacks!

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