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According to its masthead, the Adirondack Explorer is “devoted to exploring, protecting and celebrating the Adirondack Park.” A worthy mission which does not include printing Tom Woodman’s rantings because he is upset with the results of the last presidential election.

Yes, President Trump has noted that too much power has been assumed by Washington, D.C., and he intends to return that power to the people. I agree with that 100 percent and Mr. Woodman’s characterization of it as “opposition on the federal level” to enlightened environmental policies is irrational. Throwing “enlightened social policies” into the mix, in addition, is way beyond the Adirondack Explorer’s mission.

President Trump is not a perfected politician so he has said some things that no experienced politician would say. Those who have spoken carefully have put us $20 trillion in debt and rising, a situation which will soon mean that there will be no funds for anything except payments on that debt. If it takes a less than perfect person to lead us out of that wilderness, so be it.

It is unfortunate that, on his way out the door, Mr. Woodman exercises less self-restraint than he accuses Trump of and sullied an otherwise fine piece of work.

Please print this letter and reassure us that, in the future, the Adirondack Explorer will stick to its mission.

Dennis J. Duffy, Lynbrook

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