Landowners’ warning spoiled day

I just read in the Ithaca Journal about your lawsuit over public access to navigable creeks and rivers in the Adirondacks.

We attempted to canoe the Beaver River from Lake Lila but were surprised to find our access blocked by a severe warning posted by private-land owners in addition to a log over the creek. We were aware from our map that Beaver River traversed private property, but we believed that, as a waterway, the creek should be accessible. Do the landowners have a right to block access to the creek?

We had three kids along and were very upset by the menacing nature of the postings. This wasn’t a good introduction to canoeing in the Adirondacks. It spoiled our paddle that day, and we returned to our campsite on Lake Lila.

I very much support your effort.

Ruth Mahr, Ithaca, NY

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