Common courtesy for canoe carries

I wonder how many of your readers have had this experience: After parking the car, you approach a busy launch site with your canoe in hand, and you find  a canoe or kayak blocking the limited space at the water’s edge while the owners are trekking back and forth to their vehicles. I have done several canoe trips this season and experienced this scenario every time.

In one memorable case somebody left a long canoe blocking our way over the top of the cement ramp at Hitchens Pond. At Floodwood, we saw a family group block the water’s edge for at least twenty minutes as we approached the takeout in high wind. We had to ask for space and finally shift their kayak ourselves.

This is discourteous and annoying. It’s like leaving your car blocking a driveway. Please, if you’re putting in where space is limited and activity is high, move your gear and boat away from the water’s edge and stack them off to the side as soon as possible. This will make the trip more pleasant for everyone!

Otter Berry, Cazenovia

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