Barge isn’t only option

In reference to your article, “Showdown at Stillwater”, the influx of vehicles in Beaver River is of some concern to many longtime homeowners. Imagine that traffic is an issue there!
Also, if people want to drive a vehicle to town, they have another option besides the barge; they may procure a “high-rail” vehicle, which is duly inspected, registered, and insured, and ride the rails under a permit issued to the property owners’association.

True, I have found the barge a blessing on many occasions, especially since I had to rebuild my home after it burned down. The barge has transported many a large truck on my behalf. Then again, so has the railroad. One year, when the lake was drawn down to repair the dam, the railroad transported a fuel truck on the rails.
It is true that during the summer months, the barge monopolizes the space at Stillwater. Much of the problem stems from an attitude of entitlement, I believe, on the part of the Thompson family, which operates the barge.

It would seem that the state has finally taken a stand. I am confident that some kind of official response will be formulated which will allow seasonal residents of Beaver River to access their homes in this wonderful water-bound community. With or without the barge.

Patricia Oberman, Levittown

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