A victory for Brown and the people

Congratulations to Editor Phil Brown for his court victory on behalf of paddlers, which affirms the public’s right to travel over a waterway including Mud Pond, Mud Pond Outlet, and Shingle Shanty Brook in spite of private landowners’ claim they could bar access to the waters  [“A victory for paddlers,” May/June 2013].

I assume the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court will rule in his favor, too, after which more New York water should be open to paddlers.

It is unfortunate that these legal decisions have to be pursued one by one, but Brown’s brave actions should help a lot.

Rainer Brocke, Lafayette

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  1. alans scouten says

    Good work. I am anxious to find out the origin of the names Smith Mountain and Smith Lake as Fredricka and Lila were once named. Any names before that? Anything to do with Paul Smith? Thanks for the great website.

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