Cow Moose Shot, Dragged Behind Vehicle

A cow moose. Photo by Cedric Alexander.

Last month someone illegally shot a cow moose in Vermont and dragged it behind a vehicle for more than eleven miles, leaving the dead body by the side of the road. The moose was lactating, suggesting it had a calf nearby. One Vermonter was so outraged that she has started a GoFundMe campaign to track down the culprit or culprits. Following is a news release from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department.

A Go Fund Me campaign has been started to raise reward money for an unsolved moose poaching case that took place in September.  The campaign was started by Craftsbury Common resident Cindi Bollettieri.

A cow moose was shot from the road out of season and at night on Saturday, September 23.  Vermont’s regulated moose hunting seasons are in October, and are limited to a small number of hunting permits that are allocated through a lottery system.

After the moose was shot in Westmore, it was attached to a vehicle and dragged on the road more than 11 miles to the town of Orleans.  The animal was left by the side of Hollow Road off Route 58 in Orleans.  The cow moose was lactating, indicating that she likely had a calf with her.

The fundraising campaign is available at

“This action was particularly heinous, so I can understand why people are outraged,” said Col. Jason Batchelder, Vermont’s chief game warden.  “The fact that people are giving to this campaign shows that Vermonters will not stand for poaching in our state.”

Members of the public with information about the incident should notify Operation Game Thief at 1-800-75ALERT (1-800-752-5378) or online at Operation Game Thief also pays rewards to members of the public who identify poachers.

Bollettieri has personally donated $2,000 to the effort, both through the Go Fund Me campaign and directly to Operation Game Thief.

“These poachers demonstrated tremendous disrespect for the law and for this moose,” said Col. Batchelder.  “We’re asking for anyone with information about this incident to come forward so that we can hold the people who did this accountable.”


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  1. S. Bonilla` says

    I hope they find the people responsible for this heinous act and punish them severely. In actuality I would like to see them dragged behind a car for 11 miles and then dumped by the side of the road!!!!

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