Vermont Arrests Man In Moose Poaching Case

Last week we posted a news release about the search for the culprit who killed a lactating moose out of season and dragged it for eleven miles on a road in Vermont. Today, Vermont authorities announced they made an arrest in the case. Following is a news release from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife.

Wardens Arrest Suspect in Northeast Kingdom Moose Poaching Case

IRASBURG, Vt. – Vermont State Game Wardens arrested a suspect in a high-profile Northeast Kingdom moose poaching case this weekend.  Gerin Fortin, 20, of Irasburg was arrested on Sunday and charged with six counts of big game violations, including taking game by illegal means and in a closed season, and two counts of shooting from a motor vehicle.

Gene Fortin is accused of killing a moose and dragging it behind his truck. Photo provided.

Fortin allegedly shot a cow moose from his pickup truck on Saturday, September 23 in Westmore.  According to a witness, Fortin then struck it with his truck and shot it again in the head.  The moose was killed out of season and at night.

Fortin allegedly chained the moose up to his truck and dragged it more than 11 miles to the town of Orleans, where it was left to rot by the side of the road.  The moose was lactating, indicating that she likely had a calf with her.

Vermont’s regulated moose hunting seasons are in October, and are limited to a small number of hunting permits that are allocated through a lottery system.  Fortin did not possess a moose hunting permit.

Fortin’s Ford F150 pickup truck was seized as evidence, along with his rifle, ammunition and truck chains.  These items stand to be forfeited upon conviction.

Fortin is due in Orleans County Superior Court on December 26, 2017.  He faces fines and restitution of up to $8,000 and up to one year in jail.

The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department is asking anyone with information about any poaching activity to call their local warden through their nearest state police dispatch, or they may leave an anonymous tip to Operation Game Thief at 1-800-75ALERT (1-800-752-5378).  


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  1. Mel says

    So happy figured it was some young kid that had nothing better to do then get in trouble
    Did they ever find the calf?
    Besides the fine in jail time he should do community service and go to schools and tell kids what he did and how wrong it is
    I really hope he pulls the deal time he he needs to punished severely for harming an innocent animal
    They say people that abused animals usually end up as life criminals

  2. Janice Bever says

    Here’s my solution. This is a dangerous demented individual with no reason to take up space. That innocent animal is dead and her baby most likely also. Let me do the same in turn. When we begin to take these crimes seriously then maybe it stops. May you rot in Hell you piece of filth

  3. Kyle Scott says

    faces fines and restitution of up to $8,000 and up to one year in jail.

    Ford F150 pickup truck was seized as evidence, along with his rifle, ammunition and truck chains. These items stand to be forfeited upon conviction.

    These are the real reasons they went after him at all. Revenue collection for the police state.

    Not excusing what he allegedly did at all, if he did what the wardons are accusing him of, since that is the only part of the story we are getting here but the policing for profits has to stop.

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