An affordable housing solution in the Adirondack Park

Fueled in part by a house-buying frenzy during the pandemic, housing prices in the Adirondack Park of Northern New York State soared beyond affordable for most residents.

In Lake Placid, NY, the Fawn Valley project was developed by a specially formed nonprofit to help people afford homes. When completed, it will house about 50 people in capes and townhomes costing between $180,000 to 220,000.

“We created an example for others to follow,” said Steve Sama, one of the project developers. See how it’s working in the video above.

And read more about how individuals, organizations and local governments are working to find solutions to critical housing problems, in the Explorer’s “Taking Stock of Housing” project

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  1. Newt says

    Wow it’s about time
    We need newer developments around our old mountain towns to keep the activity alive and well or people move out and towns die.

    • Rob says

      You think a new affordable housing development is going to keep people from moving out?? $180-200k is a big chunk of change. Where are all the jobs these people are going to work at?? The restaurants, bars, souvenir t-shirt shops?? Until there is manufacturing or other types of industry these towns will not thrive

  2. Anon says

    People move out because they want better jobs than working in a restaurant or the highway department… This happens in every rural area of the country.

  3. Joan Grabe says

    The hospital in Saranac Lake is looking for nurses and technicians in all medical specialties. Every town is looking for teachers, teacher aids, and there is a great need for educational specialists in every district. There is paid training for in house child care servers. We are not only wait staff or bartenders or retail workers. We need more housing for workers seeking housing in this area asap. So let’s get started !

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