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  1. Dana says

    Last year I heard my first Woodcock of the season at Ausable Point on March 11. I hope they didn’t show up that soon this year! Should be here soon since the Marsh is starting to open up and the woods near the shoreline is bare.

  2. COL Mark Warnecke says

    I’m fortunate in that I have old fields perfect for woodcock mating displays around my house. Often at dusk there can be a dozen males towering and peenting. I love telling friends that the sound is a woodcock as most believe it to be some kind of insect. My Spinone anxiously awaits their spring arrival. Those interested in learning more about woodcock migration should check out the Eastern Woodcock Migration Research Cooperative. Thanks for the excellent article. Can’t wait for the first arrival!

  3. Harrison Smith Forrester says

    Woodcock are quite the gamebird…has the limit always been three birds due to it is a migratory aves? Do you anticipate that being reduced?

  4. COL (R) Mark Warnecke says

    When I first started hunting woodcock back in the late 70s and early 80s it was 4 birds. Prior to that it had been 5. Woodcock have been declining for several decades, primarily due to habitat loss (young forest, a mature forest doesn’t meet their needs). Of course, their habitat needs include summer range, winter range and migration stop overs. Woodcock are far from the only species that would benefit greatly from more young forests. Continued loss of habitat=declining populations=reduced seasons and limits.

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