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    • Sylvia says

      Thanks for sharing!Nice to know their is some hope for these gorgeous creatures in your neck of the woods!

  1. Bryan says

    Even if there are no wolves in the Philippines. I greatly support the advocacy that the wolves of andirondacks return and multiply its population again.

  2. Paul VanSlooten says

    Love the story about the wolves here. I have a 2yr old boy that looks like the one you call Cree. We love him to death an he loves us. I would like to put a bite more weight on him but he only eats in the evening and never much at a time, any ideas for me

  3. David Jarvis says

    My boy Viking was raised by me (and his Mom, my former girlfriend who I made sure to have as his Alpha Mom). He was 195 lbs, loved cats (raised with them) but was a problem for large hoofed critters (like horses!)…destroyed the insides of the back seat of my BMW trying to get out when we were doing our monthly care of the horses and stables. We thought he wanted out to protect us…later came to find out it was LUNCH. He later got into trouble in upstate NY for killing a bunch of large hogs.
    He was sold to me from the breeder as 1/4 dog. Later, it was proven that the other 1/4 was Mexican Wolf. He had a big head and was such a sweetheart and SO Smart!
    In Connecticut, he would come in from the cold and hia cable for his nightly visit. First by the door he would empty the cat bowls of food then he had to check every room (3 story) then flop down on the living room rug with his big chew bone toy. He couldn’t stay long due to overheating. The cats would hang out on and around his big outdoor house. Amazing animal. I continued to have telepathic contact with him long after he left. He joined a group who took him to school visits. Loved him so much.

  4. James Phelan says

    The Alexander Archipelago wolf species of Alaska’s coast is small enough 20 to 50lbs to be accommodated in the Northeast and it is a denizen of deep forests

  5. Chris Russell says

    Sorry this is just too emotional and not rational enough.

    We’ve all been to high school and therefore know that in nature there is always competition and conflict and each one has its enemy.

    In the case of humans, those animals are rats and malaria mostquitos and many other species, including C. lupus.

    We cannot be rationally expect to get along with wolves. Put it out of your mind, it’s never going to happen.

  6. Jim Lahey says

    Love it and i love animals i would keep them all in my basement were its nice cold and a fun place for animals and everyone.

  7. Ellen Austin says

    Hi, I just had the most unbelievable and unimaginable thing happen. I live in Canaan, Ny. I have a large chihuahua (1), a schnoodle(4) and a shiba inu (15). the latter two are medium height. On my walk out in the woods, a dog started barking, coming down the mountain and as it appeared I thought it was a German shepard. It was Dark grey,light grey and with some amber coloring. She kept barking. I immediately realized it was to me a wolf or wolf/coy. I had just finished watching some of my favorite Documentary’s on Wolve’s and one came to mind. this she wolf was protecting a den. She barked 4 to 5 calls every 20-30 seconds…and I knew she is calling the pack. I wanted out of those woods fast. None of my dogs were on leash, the chihuahua went in to go after the dog, the schnoodle paid attention and led the way on the trail, the shib-inu lagged 15 ft behind. The wolf was always darting in and out, parallel to us and ranging 12 ft. to 15 ft away on higher ground. It seemed eternity to get out, perhaps a half mile. we were all tired from the long hike, I called and shouted at the chi and he kept at the wolf, he went up countless times to run after her and would turn and run back to us but she be right back, barking. We quickened are pace even more, and the wolf seemed to want to attack the front dog, the schnoodle, perhaps to detain us from moving ahead, i kept yelling for all the dogs to keep going, calling out their names, we get to an intersection and my schnoodle and chihua go after her, I call and then we move even faster and faster towards the road. We get out and I go get my car and load schnoodle and chihuahua, but the shib inu who is old is still plodding along and finally appears. She is old and i dont think she heard a thing being very deaf. Not sure. Still I was so happy to be with all of them in the car. How could I avoided this? I have gone hiking with a male friend twice two weeks ago and nothing. Did the wolf just have the pups? and now she or a relative is on guard? What could I have done differently to protect myself? I am glad I kept a steady pace forward and perhaps yelling the dogs name kept her from harming us. I truly was worried. I thought omg, what if the pack comes, we won’t stand a chance. I have seen a coyote and this one was bigger, longer legs, snout, ears and body. i know it was a female so I can just imagine how big the male is. Are there wolves here? I believe there are. My area is full of wildlife and caves. This is the reason I hike here and live here. I truly feared for my life and my dogs lives. I can’t believe a chihuahua kept her at bay. He thinks he is a pit bull and in this circumstance he could of found out differently and paid with his life. I would love to hear back. Any info to help protect me in the future would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Ellen

  8. Eric Walters says

    Hi, I believe my stepson and I saw a wolf on May 26th 2019 at the outlet of Sand Pond on the Croghan easement track. We were out turkey hunting. While moving to a different location we saw it out of the window of my truck. I even looked at it with binoculars. We got a good look of at least 30 seconds. I have been hunting for nearly 40 years and have seen many coyotes. I would say this wolf was at least 100 pounds and very healthy.

  9. George Dieffenbacher says

    Saturday Oct. 12th 2019 my 24 year old son and I were hiking along an abandoned rail bed in the southern Adirondaks. We entered a rather large swampy area just to explore it when I noticed a deer about 100yds ahead of us walking through the tall grass. I pointed it out to my son and he said “that’s no deer it’s a wolf”! Two seconds later it stepped out in the open and gave us a full view it’s fur was a reddish color that’s why I thought deer at first it’s size was about 4 1\2′-5’tall. You read that right 4 1/2-5’the grass we were in was up to my breast and his neck and head were above it i’m 6′. Suddenly another wolf this one all black with a white belly and the same huge size appeared next to the fist. A third was spotted milling around behind the first two not sure if there were others. We retrieved a pair of binoculars from my pack and watched them close for a couple minutes while they glared at us. We stood our ground until they finally slowly walked away stopping and turning to take a second and third look at us as they did. When it was clear we did a quick 2 miles out of there in the other direction they changed our course a little. We are not strangers to the outdoors we hunt fish camp and hike almost every weekend year round I’m 52yr old and have seen well over 100 coyote alive and dead and have in the last 6-7yrs seen a number of its big brother the coywolf. These guys were neither they were huge 100lbs plus easily. They had stepped in front of us directly down wind to get a sniff of what they had been watching/ hunting. I’m glad we didn’t have a dog or child with us they may have been more tempted. These dogs were spooky and very unnerving I have no use for them hiking just became less fun in that area. My son and I believe the Coywolf can fill the gap just fine. A local with a camp in the area said that others had spotted these wolves and that they have been howling for about a year. He no longer let’s his wife or daughters hike alone in that area. Had the wolves charged us it would have only been seconds before they were on us thare actions lead us to believe they were mulling it over.

  10. Jeffery Jones says

    I saw a Wolf today on Tupper Lake today 2/9/2020 around 230-300pm. It was on the lake south of Tupper Lake village off of Rt 30. It was out on the ice running and stopping at times. There was a few of us watching it from our vehicles. Thought I would let you know of this sighting

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