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7 Responses

  1. Barbara says:

    Love, love your story here <3 <3 <3

    • Sylvia says:

      Thanks for sharing!Nice to know their is some hope for these gorgeous creatures in your neck of the woods!

  2. Bryan says:

    Even if there are no wolves in the Philippines. I greatly support the advocacy that the wolves of andirondacks return and multiply its population again.

  3. Paul VanSlooten says:

    Love the story about the wolves here. I have a 2yr old boy that looks like the one you call Cree. We love him to death an he loves us. I would like to put a bite more weight on him but he only eats in the evening and never much at a time, any ideas for me

  4. David Jarvis says:

    My boy Viking was raised by me (and his Mom, my former girlfriend who I made sure to have as his Alpha Mom). He was 195 lbs, loved cats (raised with them) but was a problem for large hoofed critters (like horses!)…destroyed the insides of the back seat of my BMW trying to get out when we were doing our monthly care of the horses and stables. We thought he wanted out to protect us…later came to find out it was LUNCH. He later got into trouble in upstate NY for killing a bunch of large hogs.
    He was sold to me from the breeder as 1/4 dog. Later, it was proven that the other 1/4 was Mexican Wolf. He had a big head and was such a sweetheart and SO Smart!
    In Connecticut, he would come in from the cold and hia cable for his nightly visit. First by the door he would empty the cat bowls of food then he had to check every room (3 story) then flop down on the living room rug with his big chew bone toy. He couldn’t stay long due to overheating. The cats would hang out on and around his big outdoor house. Amazing animal. I continued to have telepathic contact with him long after he left. He joined a group who took him to school visits. Loved him so much.

  5. James Phelan says:

    The Alexander Archipelago wolf species of Alaska’s coast is small enough 20 to 50lbs to be accommodated in the Northeast and it is a denizen of deep forests

  6. Chris Russell says:

    Sorry this is just too emotional and not rational enough.

    We’ve all been to high school and therefore know that in nature there is always competition and conflict and each one has its enemy.

    In the case of humans, those animals are rats and malaria mostquitos and many other species, including C. lupus.

    We cannot be rationally expect to get along with wolves. Put it out of your mind, it’s never going to happen.

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