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  1. Jerry says


    Been up the Oswegatchie many times and even once as far as we could go. Same result as you. We also did the trip through Lows Lake and across the carry to the Oswegatchie. We were too heavy with 68 lb. canoes and too much gear but we made it. My first trip up the river was in 1987. As we got older we shortened the trips and pretty much stayed in Lows and Little Tupper. Last year was our first time in Moose River Plains. Drive up camping and day canoe trips… a little easier for old guys.
    Jerry M.

    • Tom French says

      Hello Jerry — Thanks for reading the article. Even though we may have “failed” to reach “the” headwaters, it was fun being in a place that few, if any, have reached. Perhaps we were even in the same backwater, though I suspect those beavers move their dams every year. Thanks again! Tom

  2. George L. says

    The principal source of the east or main branch of the Oswegatchie River is Partlow Mill Dam, which is private. With permission, it is possible to descend the Oswegatchie starting a short distance below Partlow. I counted 17 beaver dams to the carry trail from Low’s Lake. There are many other feeders including the Robinson River, the drainage from Five Ponds starting at Wolf Pond, and of course, lots of groundwater.

    • Tom French says

      Hello George — Thanks for reading the article. Google Earth shows even more feeders into Partlow Mill Dam, though they may not be principal sources, which, along with all those beaver dams, makes the search even more elusive and special. Thanks again.

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