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  1. John Naresky says

    The DEC has been doing a great lately restoring the brook trout population in backcountry ponds. Five Ponds Wilderness could eventually be a haven for repopulated natives. I look forward to fishing those ponds this spring.

  2. Drew Van Der Volgen says

    I am a resident of warrensburg N.Y. and live on the Schroon river. about a decade ago at the time of Hurricane katrina; work was done on our local Hydro dam. work that lasted for 3 years and was done illegally. Illegally as it exceeded the amount of time allowed by federal regulations. This was told to me by the Federal regulatory commission- by warren county DEC fisheries And wildlife. DEC said nearly draining a river does not hurt fish or wildlife. I talked to 50 wolf road and Ray brook as well as Betty little and Chuck schumer. They recommended contacting the Adirondack Trout unlimited. I did they DO NOT have anything to do with the Adirondacks.
    I was offered some good info by all concerned which was that the owner of the dam was a NICE GUY.
    Northern pike; an invasive species have taken over. Trout fishermen and locals no longer fish here.
    The trout fishery has been decimated. However a” Nice Guy” was able to profit from the destruction of an established local fishery. It was all government approved with no recovery plan. Way to go NY and Warren county destroy destroy destroy

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