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Tim Rowland is a columnist, author and outdoors writer living in Jay.

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  1. Susan Marsden says

    Enjoyed your article about the moss adventure. Especially that so many kinds of moss thrive because of the type of rock.
    Also that a low mobility person could participate. Our children were very young we took an egg carton and filled it with samples to study at home. Perfect day!

  2. Evelyn Greene says

    Very good awakening to the tiny green world by Tim Rowland! All mosses have names even if you have only noticed one enough to pat it. But first botanical rule: The first name, the genus, is always capitalized, the species not capitalized. Anomodon attenuatus. When naming plants by their scientific names. It it is not the official name, anything goes.

  3. Ken Adams says

    Wonderful article on mosses, Tim!
    Your descriptions reminded me of how Ed Ketchledge often introduced mosses to beginners: “Mosses are our unseen friends. All you need to get to know the mosses is a hand lens, a little time, and a little patience.”
    I hope more people will now take short treks and meet those extraordinary new friends!

    • R Curran says

      Ken: That is great quote from our collective mentor. I would like to see more articles in the Explorer that introduce people to mosses. Maybe explore 1 habitat at a time. How does that sound?

      • Ken Adams says

        I think it would be a great contribution for the Explorer to describe and define the diverse habitats in the Adirondack region, one at a time!

  4. Todd Miller says

    Enjoyed learning about moss and lichens that are so prevalent in the Adirondacks. I was especially interested to learn that rock type can have an important control on where moss and lichens thrive. I also surmise that the chemical and physical characteristics of precipitation, surface water, and of groundwater also have a significant impact on types of species of mosses and lichens, but you don’t hear that mentioned much.

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