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  1. Tim-Brunswick says

    I bought this book and just finished reading it cover to cover:

    Frankly…if you’re looking for the tale of Lion that trekked from the Black Hills to Connecticut it’s a waste of money. If two out of the nine chapters are devoted to the Lion in question, that would be a lot.

    To me it was one more “Bring back the Mountain Lions” rambling dissertation that categorized hunters and anti-lion folks as ignorant and/or blood thirsty individuals that don’t understand what makes our eco-system balance.

    The cover states “A Lone Cat’s Walk Across America” and you expect the book to be about that particular cat, but surprise…surprise it just rambles on and on with historical Mtn. Lion/predator/prey data/history. It describes persecutions by an ignorant populous and frankly gets very boring.

    Thank you

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